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Ring... Ring.....

Uh-Oh... what now?


TEW: Hello, this is engine sales, how can we help you?


Caller: The engine on my <description> just died and...


Ring... Ring...


TEW: Hello, this is engine sales, how can we help you?


Caller: I'm looking for a new engine for my...

How To Guide: Repowering With A New Engine

Sales RepHere at Tulsa Engine Warehouse, a large percentage of the phone calls we receive, begin with some variation of the sample conversations shown above. ...people just like yourself looking for assistance in selecting a new engine.

Although we appreciate each and every phone inquiry, we realize that due to the nature of the internet, someone is always out there looking for help so we've put this guide together covering the fundamentals for selecting a replacement engine.

To get started, the first and most important task is to compare the specifications and/or features from your existing engine as a point of reference. To help with that, we've prepared a chart in Adobe PDF format that you can print and record your info for a handy reference.

Engine Comparison Chart

Get the free Adobe Reader

Depending on your computer setup, you may choose to open the chart directly in a browser window or you may also "right-click" and save a copy to your local drive. For those of you who need the free Adobe Reader, just click the image above to visit the download site.

Overview: We will be working our way through six sections as shown in the side navigation bar to the left of this page, where we will to provide as much detail as possible to help you in making a selection. Of course, you are also always welcome to contact us using our toll free number if you need further assistance. 800-501-8061


Well, it's about time that we get started --->

Engine Identification





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